2016 Forum Theme

Building Alignment Through Dialogue


Strategy of Russia
Developing Strategic Documents: Reconstruction of Interagency Cooperation
Government Programmes, Priority Projects: Building Alignment
Public Administration 2.0: Following Priorities
Expert and Authority. On the Benefits of Strategizing
Forecast and Strategy: New Challenges
Spatial Development Scenarios of Russia and Its Socio-Economic Efficiency
Strategies for Coastal Regions: Innovative Management of the Marine Use
Spatial Development: Objectives and Priorities
Spatial Planning Institutionalization: System Restart
Russia 2030: Growth Poles
Strategy of Macroregion as a Tool for Regional Policy Alignment. New Approaches to Development and Implementation
Quality Evaluation of Strategic Planning in the Subjects of the Russian Federation
Strategies of the Science Cities: Alignment of the Priorities of Municipal and Scientific Development
Rating "Innovative Business in Regions of Russia" as a Strategic Planning Too
Participation of Young People in the Strategies Development for the Regions of Russia
Cooperation of Regions and Municipalities in Strategic Planning
Municipal Strategies Under the Federal Law №172: Contest of Strategies of Municipal Districts
Creative Capital as a Basis for Regional Development
Complex Forecasting Techniques to Provide the Balance of Strategic Goals
Strategies of Federation Subjects: Best Practice and Guidelines
International Cooperation for Regional Development
Russia-Estonia Interregional Relations: Growth Area
Russia–EU Cross Border Cooperation Programmes as an Instrument in Achieving the Goals of Regional Development Strategies
Results of the South-East Finland – Russia, Karelia and Kolarctic 2007-2013 ENPI CBC Programmes and Perspectives for the Programming Period 2014-2020
Russia-EU Cooperation Instruments in the Baltic Sea Region
Pskov Region: Possibilities of Crossborder and International Cooperation Programmes for Complex Solutions of the Socio-Economic Development of the Region
Sustainable Development Strategies and Transition to Green Economy: Best Practices and Regulatory Tools
Ecomobility Strategies and Sustainable Transport Systems of Cities and Regions of Russia
Ecomobility Strategies and Sustainable Transport Systems of Cities and Regions of Russia
Innovation Networks and Cleantech Clusters: Results and Prospects of International Cooperation
Anniversary Program
RSA conference
Workshop – Contest “City Mission and the Main Strategy Objective: Is the Unique Character Possible?”
Russian-German Symposium "Ecology-Oriented Approaches to the Space Application of the Russian Part of the Baltic Sea"
Meeting of the Russian National Sub-Committee (RNSC)
Communication with the press
Interactive workshop (group counseling) to develop a regional strategy
Round table "Urban Environment - Strategy for the Development of Russian Cities"